Bella’s Bengals will always be my number one choice and recommendation for anybody looking for a Bengal. (Especially for a first time Bengal owner like myself) Danielle is very helpful and makes sure you know everything you need to as well as updating you with pictures throughout the process when you are longing to meet your new friend and you have to wait. Bella’s Bengals offers you one thing many other breeders cannot offer, and that is a person that’s not only in it for money! Danielle cares for these kittens and continues caring for them well after they are gone by checking in. I recommend anybody to find their new family member from Bella’s Bengals 10/10 times.

  • Owner of our Female Silver Bengal baby, Born: 3/14/17

murphyThis was our first experience with a cattery and Bella’s Bengals was absolutely wonderful. Danielle was there every step of the way, answering our (MANY) questions thoroughly and promptly. She even sent weekly photos of our little guy as he grew. Our Murphy is a beautiful, happy, and healthy kitten. I would highly recommend this cattery to anyone looking for a bengal cat.

  • Owner of our Snow Bengal Male, Born 3/14/17


photo-apr-17-9-44-49-amHi Danielle, just wanted to say thank you again and how much we love our new family member. Huxley has made himself completely at home, he’s doing so much better with kids and litter box and our leaving for work than we had ever expected.

  • Owner of our Silver Male Bengal, Born 3/14/17



“I had a done a lot of research trying to find a reputable breeder. I wanted to make sure I was getting a real bengal kitten. So I went to the TICA website (The International Cat Association) where I looked up registered bengal breeders near me. That is where I found Danielle. We had a few phone calls and texts back and forth and realized she was the person I wanted to get my kitten from. I signed a contract and she kept me in the loop on when she was expecting kittens. After the kittens were born I got to pick one and Danielle kept me updated on his health and sent me pictures and let me know what kind of personality he was developing. After about  twelve weeks he got his shots and I could finally bring him home. My first bengal was a marble boy named Loki. He was a beautiful cat! Shortly after receiving him I knew I wanted him to have a friend his age so I put down another deposit and waited for a new litter. I now have three healthy bengal boys Loki, Triton, and Ares. I highly recommend Danielle as a breeder she cares deeply for the kittens she breeds and makes sure they are socialized with people a lot before she sends them off to their forever home. We still keep and touch and I will send her pictures of them and she still always gets back to me if I have questions.”

    Owner of 2 Bella’s Bengals Boys- 1 Snow boy, and 1 Brown boy. Born 7/2019  (Also, owner to one of our breeding partners kittens 1 marble boy (We sold to him).